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Pasqual is brother to Javier

Mbuti Pygmy IQ

The average IQ of a Mbuti Pygmy is 54 which profoundly affects the type of work they can do and level of education they can attain.  Few grasp the impact of this figure; so, it is illustrated in...

If you had to carry all of your water, would you shower as much?

Clean water

$20,000 is a ridiculous cost to dig a well. The village of Ngade already has a water source (albeit far away and not perfectly clean); so, we are immediately aiming to install a biosand water filter to filer...

I love it here.

Everyone Deserves An Education

We favour an existing program by 8th CEPAC/Läkarmissionen/Project Pygmée which pays school fees at many varied schools and also supplies uniforms and notebooks.  Our goal is to apply new funds earmarked for Pygmy education to increasing the number of...